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How long will I lose my driver’s License?

 ​ The length of revocation or cancellation of your driver’s license depends on many factors including your blood alcohol concentration, whether or not you took the test, the number of prior offenses, your age, and the length of time between offenses. Typically, if it is your first offense and your blood alcohol concentration was under .20, your license will be revoked for 90 days. 

When can I get a work permit (limited license)?

   Again, a person’s eligibility for a work permit (limited license) depends upon numerous factors including, but not limited to, blood alcohol concentration, number of prior offenses, and whether or not you took the test. Typically, if it is your first offense and your blood alcohol concentration is under .20 then you can apply for a work permit 15 days after the expiration of your temporary license (22 days from the date of your arrest). 

How do I get my license reinstated or get a work permit?

   Generally, in order to have your license reinstated, or to get a limited license, you must follow the requirements established by the Department of Public Safety. If it is your first offense, you must: (1) pay the reinstatement fee of $680.00, (2) make an application for a new license, and (3) take a written test on chapters 7 and 8 of the Minnesota Driver’s Manual.