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Sex Crimes

Crimes falling into the "sex crimes" category generally involve illegal or coerced sexual conduct by one person towards another. There are laws against unlawful sexual conduct in every state, and each state has its own time limit to bring a sexual-related lawsuit. People convicted of sex crimes are considered "sex offenders" by the state and face having their names added to state and federal sex offender registries. Below is a collection of crimes that are sexual in nature, and that carry severe consequences and penalties. 

   Indecent Exposure - It is illegal for a person to
    expose their genitals in public.

    Prostitution - Offering or engaging in sexual acts
     for payment.

    Rape - Situations that may constitute the crime of
     rape, including "date rape" and "statutory rape",

    Sexual Assault - encompasses unwanted sexual
     touching of many kinds, 

    Statutory Rape - People below the "age of consent"
      cannot legally consent to having sex, even if there
      was no force or the perpetrator believed the victim 

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